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About LEEO Educational Group

Unique Features of LEEO

The Benefits of Virtual Classes

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About LEEO Educational Group
LEEO Educational Group aims to facilitate and enhance the quality of education, LEEO holds the private online classes for the first time in Iran. We granted the privilege to students to decide about class, teacher and time of the classes and plan their classes themselves. By taking part in LEEO classes you can save commuting time, finding parking places and also you save energy and hidden costs.

Unique Features of LEEO
In LEEO we provide students and teachers with face to face communication through video, audio, photos and using of white board. In case you don’t like to share your video, the site gives you the possibility to just get the video and voice of the teacher without sending your video.
The site also gives you the option to have a single-session class before your exam to troubleshoot your problems.
In addition, in case you need advice in various areas, our consultants are here to help you.

The Benefits of Virtual Classes
Nowadays virtual classes replace universities and institutes which are in real spaces. In this system there is no need of presence of student and teacher in a same place, so there will be no problem such as coming soon or late, traffic, costs, parking space and … .
You can attend LEEO classes just by a PC with webcam and microphone, or a laptop and high-speed internet of at least 128kbps.
We have tried to match our services with the internet speed of Iran and also we provide the best servers to lessen the internet disconnection, video and sound freezing.
For the better understanding, for example to hold a real class for 90 minutes you spend more than 150 to 180 minutes which is due to the commuting time, but in virtual classes it’s enough to turn on your computer 5 minutes before the class.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of LEEO Educational Group in compare with traditional classes?
Saving time, costs of transportation and energy consumption.
Equality in training: if you are living in a town and you cannot find a high-quality institute and teacher, you can reach our professional teachers from every part of the world at any time.
If you plan to travel and settle in another country, there is no need to pay high amount of money in dollars to learn their language or any other profession, you can take part in LEEO classes in every part of the world and never interrupt your learning.
Using LEEO virtual classrooms allows stress-free environment for you.
LEEO is suitable for those with time constraints, such as managers, doctors, housewives and other people whose time is precious to them.

Is face to face video communication possible in LEEO?
Yes, it’s possible for the parties to enable or disable the webcam option.

What is the minimum speed required to attend the classes?
128 kbps.

What equipment is needed for online classes?
1. PC with webcam and microphone or a laptop
2. Internet speed of at least 128 kbps
3. Latest version of Adobe Flash Player depending on your opration system and browser. You could download it from one of these links below:
Windows - IE
Windows - Non IE

How do I pay the fees?
After final confirmation of your order, you will be redirected to the bank website to pay the money online with your card number and password.

Can the student choose his favorite teacher and time?
Yes, the student can choose his favorite teacher, courses, number of sessions, and time of classes by the advanced search of site or by visiting the teacher’s profile .

Are the students required to use only the resources presented by the teacher?
No, the site has no obligation in choosing the resources, and the students can choose their desired books, but before that they have to talk to the teacher about it.

How long is every session?
90 minutes.

Student guide
  1. Register
  2. Choose the course and teacher
    1. Choose "LEEO top teachers" (High ranked teachers) from home page or "LEEO teachers and institutes" tab.
    2. Choose the teachers list in "LEEO teachers and institutes" tab to have access to all LEEO teachers in all majors.
    3. You can also search your desired teacher, course and tuition in Smart Search of LEEO on "About Us" tab.
  3. Choose the course and the number of sessions in a week.
    Having chosen your teacher, you can go to his/her profile and choose your course. Then enter the needed sessions. LEEO will arrange the classes based on the free times that you and the teacher determined before. You can change the time of the classes by clicking on the "Change Time". For ease of taking the class, you can go to your profile and from "Weekly Program" change your time to full and free. (LEEO will not arrange the class in hours which are Full).
  4. Confirm the class
    Now you have to wait for at most 24 hours for the confirmation or rejection of the teacher.
  5. Pay the tuition online.
  6. Enter the class
    You have to check the time of your class in your profile and be in time for the class, or else you miss the session.

Teacher Guide
After registration and completion of your profile, go to the "Class tab" on the top, then enter the course which you want to teach, specify the number of sessions in a week and finally set the price. (You can choose the tuition yourself. please note that the more reasonable your price is, the more chance of getting the class you will have). Then click on (+), to add the class to your list so the students will see it. If you are busy in the week and you don't want to have the class with LEEO, you can change your free time to full in "Weekly Program", so that LEEO will not arrange any classes.
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