Dear teachers and students, since online classes with the highest quality is the first goal of LEEO Educational Group, “Adobe” was purchased in order to have high quality, security and suitable speed. Using adobe enables you to have classes even with dial up connection. LEEO is the first educational site in Iran which employs Adobe to hold the classes.
Students and teachers must participate in classes on time. If both teacher and student click on the “enter the class” link, the class is held and one session is considered, even if just some minutes left to the end of the class. Notice that if either the teacher or the student does not appear in class, they will lose it. In case of any problems or disconnection, the link of “enter the class” will remains to the end of the class except that it is the last session. So you cannot re-enter the class in the last session unless you use the history of your browser. Teachers must click on the “end the session” at the end of each session. Please note that the videos of classes will be recorded. Furthermore, LEEO management can cancel the class if a teacher does not appear in class.
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