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LEEO Rules and Policy:
  1. All the people who want to be a member of LEEO must obey the rules of this website; otherwise they are not allowed to register here.
  2. Before using this site please read these rules and by finalizing your registration, you show your complete agreement for the website.
  3. LEEO is an educational site which is providing an educational environment for teachers and students. They have a variety of facilities to share their knowledge.
  4. All our rules are according to law of Islamic Republic of Iran.
  5. LEEO is free in using of videos, scientific articles, educational programs, pictures which the members share.
  6. All of the materials to be sent by LEEO members have to be according to the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran.
  7. The privacy of login information such as username and password is on the member, LEEO doesn’t have any responsibility in this case but it tries to help you to recover your login information.
  8. In case of sending any information which is not according to LEEO rules the aforesaid LEEO member will be blocked and the LEEO owns all of the rights to have the ownership of all materials which have been sent on the website by that member.
  9. In case of asking for the members’ information by the legal authorities, LEEO provides them with requested information.
  10. If any of the materials and content of LEEO website has been used in other websites without the written agreement of LEEO management, LEEO will sue them and then send them to Cyber Police.
  11. Any use of the band width of LEEO from other sites and blogs is illegal.
  12. Sending any crack files and cracked programs to website is illegal.
  13. Sending any kind of advertisement in the website is illegal. (Advertising is available just for the VIP members).
  14. Sending hack programs or any training for hacking in the website is illegal.
  15. LEEO has the right to block the membership account of each person who doesn’t obey the rules.
  16. LEEO doesn’t accept any racist words, insult or other bad behavior toward its members and will block the guilty person ASAP.
  17. No advertising through links, blogs, sites and emails is allowed in LEEO; even you are not allowed to send any kind of advertisement as a private message to LEEO members.
  18. You have to respect all of decisions made by LEEO management.
  19. You aren’t allowed to share and discuss your private material with other LEEO members.
  20. We do not guarantee any services in LEEO, and also we are not responsible of any financial, physical, and virtual harm during using of LEEO.
  21. All members have to have just one membership account in each registration section, and any attempt to create more will cause their account to be blocked.
  22. You have to confirm the email address which you register on LEEO.
  23. Your email address is visible only for the LEEO staffs. We never ask you for your password.
  24. LEEO staffs have the right to enter to your account any time and for any reason.
  25. Account of the people who register with false information will be blocked permanently.
  26. The advertisements which are not according to the Iran’s rules will not be accepted.
  27. The advertisements which have malware and any other harmful codes will not be accepted.
  28. Pay attention for choosing your service and transferring the money, LEEO doesn’t send any money back.
  29. Any request for getting the money back, or any insult and defamation will cause your account to be blocked.
  30. We have the right to gather all of the information for identifying the problematic people.
  31. We have the right to block the inactive members.
  32. Ownership of the money or any credits which is in the account of a blocked person will be by LEEO website.
  33. Any defamation, threat, disrespect to LEEO or any other staffs in LEEO or other websites will lead to blocking of your account.
  34. LEEO will sue any person who tells and shares any defamation without proving them and sending them to jurisdiction authorities.
  35. We are not responsible for any event which is not in our control.
  36. We have the right to change the site or rules of site any time and for any reason. You can keep yourself up to date by checking the rules in LEEO site.
  37. Any problem in internet, such as disconnection and not working of the host, gateway payment of banks, ISP providers and any third party is not in the responsibility of LEEO.
  38. We have the right to change the tariff of advertisement, services, VIP members; conditions of working in website, facilities, and any other services provided by LEEO site any time or even stop them.
  39. LEEO is keeping your privacy and personal information private.
  40. We do not collect your personal information without your permission.
  41. In case of losing your information in ways like manipulation, illegal access, or mistakes; we do our best to manage the situation.
  42. All your registration information which is given to LEEO will be a private document and LEEO will manage them and do not reveal your information unless the followings happen:
    • When you let LEEO
    • When an authority asks us to do
    • When LEEO wrongly reveals the information
  43. While registering you have to give us your real name and also a username. This information for our system and teachers and students are required.
  44. LEEO does not let the teachers and students to have any contact out of our website with each other. We do not accept any problem and conflicts between the students and teachers. In this case the teacher and student both will be blocked and they can’t register again.
  45. Sending any links in LEEO to sites which are not according to rules of Islamic republic of Iran is forbidden.
  46. All the money and tuition of the classes will be saved and at the end of the month after calculating and reducing the commission fee will be sent to teachers accounts.
  47. Not presenting of the teacher after 15 minutes from the beginning of the class, cause the session to be canceled and the whole tuition of the class will be sent back to the student, in this case some percentage will be deducted from the teachers’ financial account as a fine.
  48. Not presenting of the student after 15 minutes from the beginning of the class, cause the session to be cancelled and 40 percent of the tuition will be sent back to the student, and 40 percent of the tuition of class goes through the teacher financial account.
  49. This website has the maximum facilities for finding any fraud and cheating. Every attempt for causing problem is identified by website and we not only block the person but also sue them and no money will be sent back to the person.
  50. You are not the employee of LEEO and we don’t have any contract to provide you with classes. We are between you and students.
  51. LEEO is not responsible for paying the teachers in case of war, natural disasters, riots, protests, or any other action which is not in our control. LEEO can change the prices in services and all of the services any time. LEEO has no responsibility for quality of classes or advertisement in site.
  52. If the account number which is provided by you is false and site pays the money, we do not send the money to your account for the second time.
  53. All of the rights of LEEO are reserved for LEEO group and our lawyers will sue every attempt to copy, sell, or use our logo, content and everything which is reserved for LEEO.
  54. LEEO provides you with the rating system for teachers; if you want to thank a teacher just you have to rate them with numbers and you don’t have to write your opinion in this case your account will be suspended.
  55. LEEO is not a place for chat.
  56. Rules for registering telephone number in LEEO:
    • You should provide us with a correct telephone number; for arranging the class and other necessary situation we use your telephone number to contact you.
    • We use your telephone number to send you text messages which you can disable it in case you do not want it.
    • For improving the security of your account.
    • LEEO management does not reveal your telephone number to people for advertisement and strangers.
    • The telephone number should be yours not anybody else.
    • Entering your telephone number in LEEO site shows your complete agreement with our rules.
  57. Rules and rights of LEEO website:
    • All your personal information such as IP address, your account password, telephone number, email and other details about you will be secret and just in case of asking of the authorities we reveal them.
    • All information and data in LEEO website such as data base, files, pictures, website plan, emails, and etc., is for LEEO and the LEEO management. Every attempt to make a problem, manipulation, and copy of LEEO is illegal and LEEO has the right to sue the cause.
    • If one user of LEEO does not follow our rules LEEO can decide and judge and his/her account will be blocked and LEEO sends them to Cyber Police for further actions.
    • Without the written agreement of LEEO, no one is allowed to copy all or some of the files and information and use them in other places, also the right of LEEO’s logo is reserves for LEEO and any copy of that will be sued.
    • In the time of natural disasters, war, riot, unrest, earthquake, strikes, fire, flood, explosion, lack of employee, accidents, limitations, and sanctions LEEO does not have any responsibilities.
    • LEEO does not take any responsibility for lost data and registration information and etc. while registering you confirm your agreement with this case, but LEEO will do its best to recover that information.
    • Advertisements are just for teachers and institutes to introduce themselves, their courses. Any other kind of advertisement will be against LEEO rules.
    • Advertisement must be according to the rules and law of Islamic Republic of Iran.
    • LEEO does not take any responsibility for multimedia connections among the users, of course the videos and materials will be recorded and we review and check them. We have the right to limit the access to every part of website at any time and for any reason.
    • All videos and material in website will be recorded and recorded.
    • Any misuse, defamation, threat by anybody toward the teachers, students, and LEEO staff is illegal and users also cannot send and upload any file which is against Iran rules or contain virus or malware.
    • Our website may contain any kind of error; we check it and fix the problem as soon as it arises. LEEO does not have any responsibility for the materials which are written by users in the website or at the time of registration.
  58. All rights of website is reserved for LEEO website.

All rights reserved by LEEOE Online Education.